Friday, September 24, 2010

News, happenings, and other shit

Can't focus? Maybe it's the wrong time of month (Lol, Not THAT time of the month)
The future of the fuel cell(until an oil company buys them out and stomps out the competition)
Gay stuff and the military
California is executing people again

And for all those investors reading my blog
The re-re-re-rise of the bull market?
Gold is on the rise

The problem with gold rising is that its just another bubble that it is going to eventually pop, fucking over everyone involved in it. When will people realize gold is just as worthless as the money the U.S. prints? I'd have to see the gold bubble pop, because thats when shit is really going to go down the drain


  1. It's the right time of month for me. :3

  2. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

  3. I think you're right about the futility of the days.

  4. Time to pack up and move to Canada!

  5. That fuel cell sounds great.

  6. True dat!

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  7. Can't trust gold, can't trust cash... things just seem to be going down the tubes at the moment, eh?

  8. The problem with gold is that the Republicans and Fox News analysts promote it too much, on the basis that the market will collapse and gold is the only thing that will stop you losing your things, even though it's clearly not true (as with most things they end up putting out).

    Nice blog, BTW.

  9. Never trust those cash for gold commercials either. Damn communists have to ruin everything. Great post man :)